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Client: Arizona Lottery

"Poison Ivy"

Client: Ohio Lottery


Client: Spectrum Reach

"Freaked Out"

Client: Pampers


Client: Stride Gum


Client: San Jose Earthquakes

"I Sure Miss Him"

Client: Harley Davidson

"Don't Eat Me"

Client: Doritos


Client: Berrett Pest Control

"World's Smartest Project Manager (trailer)"

Client: Adobe

"Donkey Kong Surprise"

Client: Nintendo


Client: Hidden Valley Ranch

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Matt grew up in a small mountainous town somewhere around the western United States. Because of his dads offbeat stories, he thought until the age of 5 that he and his twin brother Nathan were dropped off in the woods as babies by space aliens. Only to be saved and raised by human parents. This had no affect on him at all...many years later, Matt became a little smarter, he got married, had a few awesome kids, graduated with a Masters degree in film from Art Center College of Design, and then started editing, writing and directing episodes of the insanely cool kids show Yo Gabba Gabba! Recently and episode he wrote and directed with his twin brother was nominated for an Emmy for Best Pre-School Series. He was also included in Shoot Online's 2011 New Directors Showcase and has since been directing some fun commercials, have a look-see.

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Matt Fackrell